Water PNG pays 2018 tuition fees for uni debate winners

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FOUR Divine Word University students will have their 2018 tuition fees paid by water company Water PNG Ltd after they won the national universities debate challenge last Wednesday.
The four students are Peter Nasale, Evelyn Houje, Gahanao Gahanao and Starchie Wung.
Nasale, captain of the Divine Word University debate team, said: “It’s been a privilege to intellectually discuss issues in regards to Water PNG Ltd’s provision of water and sanitation services in Papua New Guinea.”
He said the DWU team’s preparation for the debate had taken almost two months and students had lead up debates on campus.
Nasale said his team was equipped with a very intelligent and hard working management that pushed the team to win the national universities debate challenge.
“We had one month of coaching because our aim at the beginning was to take the title to Madang and we were not here to play around. We had a vision and a mission to come here and give strategic recommendations during our debates,” he said.
“Through our recommendations and solutions in the debate Water PNG Ltd and the government body that owns Water PNG, Kumul Consolidated Holdings Ltd, will maintain and improve their services to the people of PNG.”

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