Water woes hit Hagen businesses

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RESIDENTS and business houses in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands province, have been hard-hit by the continuous water disruption in the city.
Government offices have also been affected.
Many government and business outlets have to send workers home because of the health risks associated with using toilets when there is no water.
Many companies have expressed concerns over the loss of business and drop in revenue.
Some business owners have blamed PNG Waterboard and the local chamber of commerce for not addressing the problem.
However, PNG Waterboard branch manager Jack Moro attributed the disruptions to two water pumps not working.
He said this had resulted in the volume of water supplied to the city and its outlying areas decreasing.
Mr Moro said the disruptions began last week and PNG
Waterboard employees were working around the clock to resolve the problem.
He said they had also bought a new water pump.
He said one of the measures that they had taken to address the problem was by restricting water supply to the villages during the day and only supply the city area.
Mr Moro also urged the Hagen community to cooperate with PNG Waterboard until the problem had been fully rectified.
He hopes to do so by this week.