Ways to manage common stressful situations at work

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Here are some ways to manage common stressful situations at work.

Discuss your concerns
If a co-worker says or does something that you find upsetting, arrange to speak with them privately.
You can then calmly explain the situation and your feelings.
If it happens again, or you don’t feel you can talk to them,

discuss it with your manager.
Try not to get involved in arguments

You won’t always agree with your colleagues. But getting your point across in a fair and polite way can avoid unhelpful debates.
You could say: “Maybe I’m not making myself clear” instead of “you don’t understand”.
Or try saying: “I appreciate your point of view, but I see it differently” rather than “you’re wrong”.

Avoid taking part in
workplace gossip
People often use gossip as a way of bonding and finding common ground for a chat. It can, however, put a strain on relationships and cause conflict. Generally, it’s best to avoid getting involved.

Find a common interest
You might not have much in common with your colleagues.
However, something that you both like, such as a sports team, television programme or hobby, can give you something positive to discuss. In time, this could improve your relationship.
Keep a professional distance
Regrettably, you won’t always have good relationships with every co-worker.
If you have to work with someone you don’t get on with, try to maintain a professional boundary. It’s not realistic to think that you will be friends with everyone.

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