We know ourselves better than others


CHINA’S development philosophy is “I must cross the river by feeling the stones”.
China chartered its development pathway not by copying from others just because it is working for them.
We are all unique in our own ways and our paths are different.
I believe it is better to pave your own way and leave a mark.
We should try not to compare ourselves with others.
As a country, Papua New Guinea should undertake research and form independent opinions on issues such as the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic to make informed decisions.
Making knee-jerk reactions and decisions because others are doing it is not good.
We understand that PNG is a developing country, but things that worked for other countries might not work for us.
We know ourselves better than any other country.
We have to develop and address these issues at our own pace.
We should not depend on others to determine what is right for us and we need good leaders with foresight to make this .

PNG em mi yah