We need a competent public service

Letters, Normal

The PNG Vision 2050 is an overly optimistic plan and a modified version of the eight-point plan compiled in 1975.
It is a farce conceived by failed politicians, wanna-be politicians and public servants who are way passed their use by date.
We don’t need a 40-year plan but a competent public service.
Revise the pay of our public servants, give them proper benefits and accommodation, and I am sure they will deliver.
Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare, when launching this mega plan, said it was a gift from the Government to the people.
We do not need a paper gift, we need action, we need change, and we need transformation now.
We have been waiting for the last 34 years.
No nation on earth has come out with a 40-year plan. Yes, think big by all means, but start small.
What we need are five-year and 10-year plans that are likely to be achieved.
It is vital to have short-term and medium-term plans as the world is changing very fast.
By the time we reach the first 10 years, things may have changed drastically and the 40-year plan will be out of date.
I commend The National’s editorial last Thursday on implementing the budget. It was spot on.
I also salute The National’s commentary last Wednesday by Oseah Philemon, the veteran journalist, for putting into perspective the 40-year plan.
We do not need a 40-year plan.
What we need is leadership, insight and a public service that can deliver.
We need to stamp out corruption, mismanagement and gross abuse of power and money.
Why should we have a 40-year plan when we cannot even resolve the current problems like lack of medicine, aid posts, doctors, schools, proper roads and sealed roads in Lae? 
Please wake me up, I am living a nightmare!


John Lomew