Weeks of queuing to no avail

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday August 2nd, 2013

 ANZ  is one of the leading banks in the Asia-Pacific region.

But service at its Waigani branch in Port Moresby is poor.

Four months ago, I provided the usual required information to the bank to open a new business account. 

The bank officer assured me that all documents were in order and the account should be opened in the next two weeks. 

After two weeks, I waited in the queue for three hours only to be told that they were doing a "world search" to confirm that the business I am trying to open does not relate to any terrorist activities.

I went back a week later, waited as usual another three hours in the queue, only to be told the search had not been done.

It was about to be done, I was told.

I proceeded to go back each week, each time waiting for hours, only to be given excuse after excuse why the account had not been opened.

Finally, I was told my file had gone missing.

After going through this experience, I wonder if ANZ management, especially the Waigani branch, are employing professionals  or some Toms, Dicks and Harrys off the streets.

Does the bank even have a proper filing system?

ANZ must improve its  customer service if it wants to live in our world.



Port Moresby