Wenge mulls legal aid

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MOROBE Governor Luther Wenge is considering providing legal aid to the relatives of the 43 people who died in the road accident along the Highlands Highway last week.
He said the Morobe provincial government would look at providing legal aid for the relatives to take the matter up with Motor Vehicle Insurance Ltd (MVIL), for third party insurance.
Mr Wenge expressed sympathy for the death of the innocent passengers on the two PMVs that collided on the highway.
He blamed the accident on careless driving.
Mr Wenge said many drivers were careless in driving on the highway, without regard for the lives of others they were transporting.
He called on all drivers using the highway to take great care when driving as  to avoid similar accidents in the future.
Mr Wenge also said the accident confirmed the need for Mutzing Health Centre to be improved.
The centre, which is located in the Kaiapit district along the highway, must be upgraded to hospital status to cater for the many victims of road accidents along the highway, he said.
There is no guarantee that such an accident might not happen in the future and thus it is improtant to be prepared.
The hospital should be fitted with a morgue, improved wards and other facilities as well as an increased number of doctors and other staff, he said.
In doing so lives could be saved and help provided to those in need.