Western Highlands has new education board

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The National – Friday, February 11, 2011

WESTERN Highlands has a new provincial education board.
The 13 board members constitute of representatives from different organisations in the province were sworn-in by the Commissioner of oaths, Nallen Kewa on Wednesday afternoon in Mt Hagen.
The new board is headed by Joe Yaga as chairman representing education, Joe Het Kelipa (governor’s office), Bernard Bal (provincial administration), Agnes Ulgnga (women), Ludy Goi (Lutheran), Peter  Suri (Catholic), Bod Geg (Evangelical alliance), Joseph Mangbil (district education), Henry Muna (LLGs), Wankani Yanyan (community), Aita Sanangkepe (PNGTA), Anthony Raus (PNGTA) and Loo Timbi (business).
The board members were appointed for a term of three years by the provincial executive council (PEC) during their meeting on Jan 29.
The PEC also revoked the appointment of interim board chaired by provincial administrator Malcolm Culligan.
The PEC highlighted that PNGTA members who claimed to be elected into office in 2009 were yet to be registered by the Industrial Registrar and therefore, cannot be included on the provincial education board.
The appointing authority said that previous PNGTA members headed by Sanangkepe were included as PNGTA representative until the Industrial Registrar confirmed the registration of the new PNGTA members.
Meanwhile, Kewa appealed to the new board to follow the laws and guideline while executing their duties.
He reminded them of their task and to make sure educational institutions ran smoothly.
He told the board not to leak out confidential matters.
Kewa said that what ever decision they made, they must stand firm on it.
He told them to make decision without fear or favour.
He added that those who had not been sworn-in would do so at a later date.
Kagamuga Primary School headmaster Yuyune Banake told the new board that they were the driving force behind the education system in the province.
He said all education institutions in the province would follow their directives.