Western police to interview kidnapped girl


A GIRL, 14, who was rescued by police in the Normad local level government of North Fly, Western, has been flown to Kiunga to be interviewed for the case against the father and son who had allegedly kidnapped her.
The girl was flown in by helicopter from Nomad accompanied by police.
North Fly police commander Chief Insp Silva Sika told The National that the girl was with relatives as police prepared to interview her today.
“The father and son have remained in police custody as we worked to have the girl flown into Kiunga,” Chief Insp Sika said.
“Police investigators flew into Nomad on Wednesday, and got statements from the three teachers who stood in for the young girl and tried to protect her but were threatened by the two men.
“Their statements are now with the investigators, all we need now is to interview the girl.”
The girl was rescued by police after she was forcefully removed from her teacher’s home in Hafami village a fortnight ago.
The girl had sought refuge at the teacher’s home after the two men came to take her away to be forced into marriage.
The father and son were pictured pulling the young girl away from her teacher’s home as she struggled to break free.
Chief Insp Sika told The National that the father and son had arranged the marriage after an uncle of the girl had married a daughter of their family.
“In exchange, the uncle told the two men they could get his niece to marry into their family.
“The girl, however, was unaware of the arrangement until the two men arrived to take her.
“She ran to her teacher’s home and stayed there but the two men followed and threatened the teacher and took the girl.
“In order to get help, one of the villagers took a picture and posted it on social media.
“The girl was led away screaming for her teacher but he could do nothing.”

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