Wewak LLG president calls on parents to play their part

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The National, Tuesday 06th December 2011


A PIONEER elementary school in the Wewak Rural local level government ended its academic year with a colourful graduation of 28 elementary two students at Savarin village, outside Wewak, East Sepik, last Wednesday.
There were contemporary dances and dramas staged by the students and locals. Wewak Rural LLG president Francis Hevu gave the keynote address and presented a cheque of K1,000 to help in the upkeep of the school.
Hevu urged parents to appreciate that education was at their doorstep and they had to support their children’s education.
He said parents must not be lazy and pay their children’s school fees and contribute meaningfully towards the development of the school so that their children could enjoy quality education in their preparatory and elementary classes.
Bamasaka High School principal Michael Rick praised the teachers for the quality of education.
He said the good work displayed by students was a result of the qualified and dedicated teachers they had.
Rick said under the new education reform, elementary school “sets the foundation for our children’s education and therefore these schools must be given all necessary support to ensure that our children are given a good start towards a successful career in life”.
Savarin Elementary School board chairman Willie Pandinara thanked Hevu for the financial support.
He said the donation would go towards the construction of a permanent classroom.
Pandinara said even though the assistance seemed small, he was confident of turning K1,000 into the K100,000 needed for a permanent classroom because he had most resources, including timber, which would be supplied by villagers.