Wewak police impound marijuana from ship

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 10th January 2012

A BAG of marijuana valued at K50,000 was intercepted by police during a search on a passenger ship  arriving in Wewak from Madang on Saturday.
Stanley Samban, commander of the support company that confiscated the drug, said the suspect left the bag containing the drug inside the ship and walked out when he saw police on the wharf.
Police who noticed the bag left unattended picked it up and  discovered three neatly wrapped parcels.
The incident is the first drug find in 2012. A number of similar cases of drugs being smuggled by ship were reported by police last year.
The same unit raided a home at Meni Beach yesterday morning following a tip-off and confiscated a medium-sized shopping bag containing marijuana.
No one was arrested in both raids.