Wewak resident Deborah ready to take her new vehicle home


One of Stop & Shop’s promotion winners has flown in all the way from Wewak to claim her new car.
“I was at Wewak Airport on Tuesday when I received the call that I won a car so I took the next flight down,” Deborah Fehi, winner of a brand-new Honda CRV, said.
Fehi and seven others were lucky enough to have their names drawn from Stop & Shop’s Win a Car promotion draw last Tuesday.
“I am going to run this car for a week or so (in Port Moresby) before shipping it to Wewak,” she said.
She lives in Wewak but has another house in Port Moresby and travels down whenever she can.
When in Port Moresby, Fehi usually does her shopping in either Stop & Shop North Waigani or Central Waigani.
One weekend, however, they had to go to town to shop because it was the Apec weekend and most shops were closed during that time.
Fehi never thought the decision to shop at town would bless her with a new car.
“Although I’ve entered a lot of Stop & Shop promotions before, I never thought that I’d actually win,” she said.
Fehi said her husband would be doing all the driving now, but she would drive as soon as she got her license.
Mary Pele, one of Stop &Shop’s staff present at the day of the draw, said it gave her happiness to witness her employer making other people happy.
“It makes me happy to work with Stop & Shop,” she said.
Stop & Shop operates eight outlets in Port Moresby and operates under City Pharmacy Ltd.

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