When are we getting our risk allowance?

Letters, Normal

I WOULD like to know the latest development in the payment of risk allowance to all public servants in North Solomons, now the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.
The talk about risk allowance started more than 14 years ago and an agreement was reached for payment.
But nothing has eventuated to date. 
Why is it taking so long? 
Do the top bureaucrats think that the risk faced by concerned public servants was a figment of our imagination?
What is the reason for this long delay?
Teachers, nurses and other public servants risked their lives operating essential government services in the region without any means of protection but only prayers.
The Government, through the DPM and the ARB administration in Buka must pay the concerned teachers, nurses and other public servants their risk allowance now. 
It is immoral and unjust to take people’s goodwill for granted.
Many of us have since been transferred out of the region while others have passed away waiting for the allowance to be paid. –  RL Tukana Port Moresby