Where to now for football?


IT looks like Papua New Guinea’s football differences will not end in the near future and will be here for a long while, according to the talk in the media. From a fan’s point of view I can say that the standard of football has dropped in the past year.
While one faction is just starting to set up and run its association the other one is struggling to lift its game.
According to the world ranking I found on the internet, Papua New Guinea has dropped nine places in the latest rankings in the Oceania Foot Confederation.
Solomon Islands and New Caledonia have made progress and are now ranked above Papua New Guinea. It will take another five to 10 years for Papua New Guinea to become competitive again and reach new highs – unless we stop the politicking.
Papua New Guinea can certainly top the Pacific and Oceania regions again if all the stakeholders leave their differences behind and work together for the common good of the sport in the country.

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