Whose view is it anyway?


THIS is an open letter to people within our society who pretend to express a church’s view regarding trivial matters, including noise pollution.
We Manus islanders are offended by language used by this particular individual.
He does so when describing activities of asylum seekers and their social activities in sports, dancing and young Manus girls.
We accept that every person is entitled to freely express his or her opinion.
This does not qualify people to say that they are speaking out on behalf of the Catholic Church.
It would be in everyone’s best interest that the head bishop of this particular church reprimanded those who do so.
They think their views on certain activities are representative of every man, woman and child in the church.
Since when did you sit with us and seek our views regarding noise pollution and asylum seekers’ behavior on Manus Island?
There are more important issues affecting Catholics and lay people than an individual’s eardrums.
We kindly request that the Catholic head bishop of PNG and Solomon Islands reprimand this priest before he does more damage.

Concerned Catholic Papa