WHP Lutherans meet


LUTHERANS in Western Highlands have gathered for the weeklong Hagen district 36th Ogulbeng circuit conference.
The conference started last Sunday at Kelam parish in Mt Hagen and will see discussions on the Evangelical Lutheran church of PNG’s (ECLPNG) administration issues and plans.
The conference also coincided with the ordaining of four pastors.
Guest speaker and ELCPNG head bishop Rev Jack Urame said faith in God and the pastoral mission was important.
He said meetings that brought members of the church together to share their faith and determine how to improve and develop their work in the community.
Rev Urame told Lutherans to have faith and never give up especially when experiencing tough situations in life.
“Look at the Bible story where the disciples were in a boat and a storm was approaching,” he said.
“They lost faith forgetting that Jesus was with them but then he told them to have faith and calmed the storm.”
Rev Urame encouraged Lutherans to focus on the Good News which would guide them, give them courage and hope to manage challenges they faced at work, in the family and personally.
Chairman of the conference’s organising committee David Terry said the gathering was to bring together Lutherans in fellowship.
He said this was the way forward for Christians and thanked all who attended the meeting in Ogulbeng.