Why allow white-collar criminals to walk free?

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday November 5th, 2013

 IT is very irritating to read that funds for Lae roads have been allegedly misused. 

We are talking about millions of kina apparently disappearing in broad daylight and going unnoticed. 

How come the K50 million allocated for Lae roads in the 2010 supplementary budget was utilised without the knowledge of the works department? 

PNG will continue to suffer because of this careless control over taxpayers’ money. 

We continuously hear of allegations of white-collar crimes involving millions of public funds, but we rarely hear of prosecutions being conducted. 

So, how can the government get rid of such practice when it is not prosecuting these white-collar criminals? 

It is very easy to arrest simple lawbreakers, but what about pot-bellied criminals who are allowed to walk around freely? 

This is injustice, mister prime minister. 

Wanbel Niape

Port Moresby