Why burn a national asset?


PLEASE allow me to air my views over the disaster that happened at Mendi Airport on Thursday.
Some leaders have strongly spoken out about this event, which has disgusted the rest of Papua New Guinea.
As a citizen, I suggest that all provinces in PNG get autonomous status and regional governments.
This will save the image of this country because many people overseas think that when something like this happens, it is not confined to that region but all of PNG is involved.
Why attack and burn a national asset, the flag carrier of Papua New Guinea?
This image will remain in my mind for years as I would have flown on this aircraft some years back.
You can burn your courthouses and DPI and other buildings in your province because that will affect you and the services you get.
My feeling of patriotism as a proud Papua New Guinean has been hurt by the behavior of the irresponsible mob in Mendi, Southern Highlands.

Shattered and In Favour
of Regional Governments.

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