Widow takes in senior cop

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 27th March, 2013

A WIDOW is struggling to get a senior policeman to pay back her K2,000 he had borrowed three years ago.
Ivari Lahi, 50, of Auma village in Gulf but living in Port Moresby, claimed yesterday that she had lent the money to policeman Martin Mehaio.
Lahi said after selling her house, she gave K500 to Mehaio, as he and his family were her friends.
“The next day Mehaio comes to me and asks for another K2,000. This was back in the year 2010.
“He promised that he would top up that money with K3,000, and he would give me K5,000,” Lahi said.
She said she had been waiting for three years for Mehaio to pay up.
“Mehaio gave me K400 in 2011 but I really want my K2,000 back,” Lahi said.
“As a widow, I can’t survive in the city as I don’t have a house and so I’m urging Mehaio to give back my K2,000 so I can go back to my village.
“He gave me K500 in his last fortnight and said that had finished (payments),” Lahi said.
Mehaio told The National that he had given Lahi K1,000 already.
He added that he had accommodated Lahi and her family at his house for three years.
He also urged Lahi not to taint his reputation around town.