Wingti bans smoke, betel nut


GOVERNOR Paias Wingti has banned smoking and chewing of betel nut at the Western Highands’ new provincial administration  building.
He warned public servants that anyone smoking or chewing betel nut will not be allowed into the building. Wingti was speaking at the provincial assembly members’ swearing-in ceremony on Friday.
He said that he wanted public servants to quit bad habits and dress up neatly and turn up for work.
He said the new provincial headquarters was of a new being standard set in the highlands region and he wanted those working in there to dress and behave appropriately.
“Dressing, character and habits are simple things but make alot of differences in a person’s life.”
He said public servants must become good role models if they are to be able to manage an serve people.
“If you can’t provide good leadership and show bad habits, it will be very hard to correct other people’s mistakes and try to control the people.”
He said that no one was perfect but everyone working in the provincial administration must try their best to live and lead the people by good example.
Wingti also appealed to teachers in the province to be careful in whatever they said and did in front of their students.
“Teachers are like second parents to students and whatever you do, the students will follow you.”
He also urged the teachers not to smoke and chew betel nut in front of their students.