For the people of Mausbox Village at Ward One of Wau Rural, in Bulolo, crossing the river takes a bit of courage. The bridge is rickety and swings a bit, and children definitely should not cross alone.
Still, there is no avoiding it. Children still have to cross to get to school and mothers still have to get to market, but there is always the feeling of danger.
Pangu Pati diehard Sam Basil, the Minister for Communications, Information Technology and Energy, is the MP for Bulolo. It is said that he knows about the bridge and hopefully one day he’ll do something about it.
Last year, Wayang Kawa, the owner of Kawa Trading, in Wau, spent his own money to fix some roads in his area. The people of Mausbox are not asking Basil to do the same and dig into his own pocket to get the bridge sorted.
They only want him to find some money for a new, safer way to cross, like he did seven years ago when he had a footbridge built across Patep River for the people of Bupu, Towongola, Patep Mahomba and Patep Hambu.

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