Woman allegedly abducted, assaulted by MP’s suspicious daughter-in-law

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A 30-YEAR-OLD woman was abducted and assaulted in a car for about four hours in Port Moresby on Tuesday.
The woman, an employee of a prominent politician’s son, is now lying in a hospital bed.
The son’s wife had allegedly supervised the abduction and assault because she suspected the woman was having an affair with her husband.
The woman, *Samantha (not her real name), was abducted, assaulted and sexually attacked in a car driven by the woman from 9am to 1pm.
Speaking to The National, Samantha said the woman was jealous after she answered a message from her employer to meet up to discuss work.
“For four hours, I was assaulted and shoved to get me to admit to the affair,” she said. “I did not have an affair with my employer (the politician’s son) and I have nothing to hide.”
Between the pain and medication, Samantha summoned her strength to relate her ordeal for answering a text message from her employer only to be met by the wife who had allegedly planned everything.
She said: “When I arrived at the meeting point, I stopped to chew betel nut and that was when I was approached from the back, threatened, punched and thrown into the car by the woman, two teenagers and another man.
“A policeman saw the commotion, stopped the assault and ordered that I be taken to the police station.
“Instead, I was taken and driven around Port Moresby while being beaten up in the car.
“The woman was driving while I was shoved and punched and kicked by the two boys and the man.
“The two boys put a knife to my throat and eye and threatened to stab me while the elderly man tried to rape me.
“This went on for hours, with the woman supervising what was to be done to me.
“While she was driving, she told me she wanted the truth about the alleged affair between her husband and me.
“I told her and pleaded that I was not seeing her husband and that I was only a worker who was employed to assist in his work.
“I was taken to a house in Rainbow, assaulted by the boys and the man with the woman calling another woman.”
She said the boys and the man in the vehicle said: “Yumi karim em go lo white haus na kilim em lo hap (Lets take her to white house and kill her there).”