Women attend Esso Highlands meet in Jakarta

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ESSO Highlands Ltd (EHL) yesterday announced the start of the global women in management (GWIM) programme in Jakarta, Indonesia.
The workshop and training programme will focus on enhancing the organisational and entrepreneurial skills of women leaders representing seven countries, including Papua New Guinea.
As part of the ExxonMobil women’s economic opportunity initiative, the global women in management programme is designed to prepare women leaders to assume increased responsibilities and accountability in their personal, institutional and community lives.
The workshop includes training intended to bolster skills in programme and financial management, leadership, fundraising and proposal development, strategic communication, supervision and advocacy.
“Women are critical to advancing economic development in their countries,” EHL managing director Peter Graham said.
“We are very proud to support this important programme and help equip high-potential women leaders with valuable skills to improve economic opportunities for women in their families and communities.”  
This year, seven Papua New Guinean women leaders have participated in workshops and training programmes in Washington DC and now Jakarta. 
The current class in Jakarta includes Veronica Clifford Kenesi, Kila Oumabe, Lydia Sisipai, Naomi Samuel, Agnes Siuni and Florence Bunari Sondes.
The four-week workshop and training programme – the first training initiative of its kind to be held in Indonesia – is offered from Oct 4 to 29 for 26 emerging women leaders.
The GWIM programme strengthens the leadership and management skills of women managers working in community organisations in developing countries and pairs them with alumni coaches for one year.
The 20 participants, six from PNG, will examine and adopt best practices that advance women’s economic opportunities and meet the needs of their own communities and countries.
ExxonMobil’s broader women’s economic opportunity initiative has invested more than US$37 million (K99.4 million) in programmes that have involved women and have provided women with full scholarships to attend the GWIM programme.
The programme is run by the centre for development and population activities (CEDPA), an international non-profit organisation that has worked worldwide for more than 35 years. 
Graduates of the Indonesia workshop and training programme will join CEDPA’s alumni network of more than 5,300 leaders who are working to improve communities in over 150 countries worldwide.