Women graduate from AusAID-funded training

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PEOPLE have the power to make a difference in their local communities and should not wait for Government services to reach their door step.
“They should instead, interact and work together to bring about development and change in their areas,” the Highlands and Momase regional development assistant coordinator of the AusAID-funded PNG Democratic Governance Transition Phase (DGTP) Priscilla Pius said last Friday at  California village in Kotna, Dei district, Western Highlands province.
She was speaking at the graduation of 68 women, who completed a two-week training course on capacity building and network improvement.
These women are leaders of several women groups funded by DGTP and call themselves the Western Highlands Amb Nga Molpa Kundi Association Incorporated, meaning the well-being of women.
The association is one of the largest in the province and has 103 affiliates, with about 15,000 registered members.
The women were trained in management, reporting and leadership skills and have been tasked to return to their respective associations and impart their knowledge gained from the training.
“Change does not happen in Parliament, but within local communities who are able to work together.
“Your are leaders in your own right, and with or without basic Government services, you can live and grow in a society,” she said.
DGTP funded the training and K-1 association general secretary Gabriel Mapa facilitated it.
The K-1 association is based in the upper Nebilyer district and has been funded with several small grants by DGTP.
DGTP was formerly known as the community development scheme.
These programmes are funded by the Australian government under its AusAID programme aimed at developing and empowering people in the lowest socioeconomic bracket.
DGTP has also funded other projects in the area under the Kotna Women’s Association and the Lutheran Development Agency.