Women leaders vow to cooperate

National, Normal

The National, Monday July 15th, 2013


THREE women contesting the council seat in ward 7 of the Newtown area in Madang have pledged to work together.

With polling fast approaching, Clare Oriava, Shirley Pagau and Jenny Sumnan said they were tired of voting for men who only paid lip service to the masses.

“There are no ill feelings among us. We recognise the fact that it is time women were voted in to make better informed decisions,” Sumnan said.

“For the past five years we have been paid lip service. If any one us gets in, we will work together to change our ward.”

Paghau, from Jiwaka, said there were issues close to women’s hearts that men would not be able to handle properly.

“There is a need to encourage spiritual growth among our own kind,” she said.

“I always play host to visiting church groups that come to do outreach work here and see that there is hunger for the Word but no one seems to care enough to house, feed and give bus fares for them to go back.

“I feel that there must be some kind of outreach group formed to cater for visitors and those in need here.

“Without a spiritual foundation, any foundation built will not last.” 

The women said they had received positive feedback from women and youths and had vowed to bring positive development to the community.