Women ‘should’ fight for parlt seat


A WOMAN who contested in the 2017 National General Election has applauded the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill proposal for each region to have a women representative in Parliament.
Maso Raka, who contested the Gulf Provincial seat, said it was a great initiative to ensure of women representation in Parliament.
However, Raka said the four women should be elected through the normal electoral voting process.
“I concur with what the Prime Minister and Minister for Women, Youth and Region for best performing Women in the Four Regions of; Momase, Highlands, Southern, and Islands Region.
“And these regional seats must be legislated and empowered as Open Seats in the 2022 National General Election,” she said.
O’Neill told a women’s forum this week that he would be backing the proposal that will guarantee women four seats in Parliament to represent the regions.
He said that each of the four women would be selected based on their performance.