Women urge locals to develop region

National, Normal

THE Jiwaka Ecumenical Women’s Federation is calling on Jiwakans to contribute to the development of the new province.
The federation held a rally last Friday at Banz town urging the people not to waste their time doing nothing and involved in criminal and immoral activities like prostitution, drinking, gambling, smoking marijuana, and stealing.
Federation adviser Elizabeth Lolo told the people that their call for a separate province was recognised by the National Government and this would became a reality when they break away from Western Highlands province in 2012.
Mrs Lolo urged the people to change their bad habits and do something useful that would contribute to the development of the new province.
She said people must not expect people in authority to do every thing for them.
She said law and order problems were the biggest obstacle to any development and people need to work closely with law enforcers by making sure that there was peace and harmony in the province and this would paved way for the developments to come.
Federation president Nancy Kaka said people must now take ownership over the new province and look after their own affairs.