Work on K250 million Mt Hagen road on track


WORK on the K250 million four-lane road from Kagamuga Airport to Keltiga in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands, is progressing well, an official says.
Western Highlands works manager Maling Ambranga said yesterday that the people of Mt Hagen are happy and the contractor is continuing with the demolition of structures and clearance of vegetation.
“Though there are some people raising concerns for proper valuation to be done, work has progress well.
“The contractors are doing clearance and demolishing structures that are found to be on the way where the four-lane road was planned to be built so the people of Mount Hagen have cooperated and work is progressing well,” he said.
Works Minister Michael Nali who had earlier inspected the the work has urged the people of Mount Hagen and Western Highlands to cooperate with the Government to bring  in changes and development to the city and the province.
He said the people of Mount Hagen and Western Highlands should be proud that the Government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, has made a decision to invest a huge amount of money in Mount Hagen.
“The people must appreciate and respect this big investment,” he said.
“Whatever little compensation that needs to be paid by the Government for removing the structures and plants must be done honestly and the Government will pay accordingly.
“We must not put up inflated claims, lying to ourselves, God and the Government.
“The Government has its rates set out under the law to pay and we must do it honestly and be paid honestly.
“If people are not happy, then there are appropriate avenues for them to express their grievances, like the courts, and not unnecessarily disturbing construction works on the four-lane road because this is an important investment that will uplift the status of Mount Hagen as a city and will attract business activities here.”