Work starts on Hiritano Highway upgrade

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The launching of a K71 million output and performance-based road contract on Friday paves the way for the upgrading of 112km of Hiritano Highway in Central.
Governor Robert Agarobe, who launched the project, said Central was privileged to be the first province to benefit from the new merit-based assessment concept under Government and World Bank partnership agreement.
“I believe that the key component of this arrangement, once sealed, the road will be under a long-term maintenance arrangement,” he said.
“I welcome this new initiative and I’m happy that the process includes a merit-based approach to improve access and management to implement rural service delivery.
“I have confidence that this approach will promote good governance and ensure greater levels of transparency and accountability.”
World Bank country manager Patricia Veevers-Carter said they have been working in Papua New Guinea in road maintenance and rehabilitation since 2002. She said the first phase of the project was completed in 2012 and World Bank had started on a new one in the second phase soon after.
The second phase covers about 185km and the total project involves 10 provinces, including Central, Veevers-Carter said.
“I really commend the Government of PNG for its focus on road maintenance because it is extremely important.
“World Bank has been involved in supporting the upgrading of Hiritano Highway for over a decade and hence we have a keen interest to ensure that this important asset is well maintained.
“Today we are celebrating the start of the works using PBC (performance-based contract), it is an importance event for road infrastructure in Papua New Guiena,” she said.