Work together, change Hela


LEADERS and warlords in Hela should participate meaningfully in the gun surrender programme.
Firearm build up in the province is a major setback for development.
It promotes tribal fighting, killings and creates a lot of law and order issues.
The gun surrender programme earlier this year has brought in some changes into the communities.
As we are witnessing many development taking place in the province such as the building of the airport and road sealing, we should support these changes as well.
In order for our children to have a better life, we should start to fix everything now.
Once we get rid of firearms in our communities, we will make room for peace and development and people can enjoy their lives.
Leaders within each community should help in educating their people to start surrendering their weapons.
We should change the image of this province and make it a safe place to live and do business.
Businesses will boom and investors will be willing to come to invest once normalcy and order is fully restored in Hela.
We should take the lead, no one is going to come and solve the law and order problems in Hela.
This is why everyone should contribute their effort, time and resources for the good of the province.

Timothy Hayara,
Chairman (Law and Order),
Hulia LLG