Work together


THE call made in The National last September by Trangist Medics of Madfox has reminded me of the many other services that needs to be mandated by so-called ‘elected leaders’, and the Sandaun governing body. It seems that our leaders are not working together as Sandaun elected leaders.
You can see that each leader is working in isolation and not cooperative, including the governor himself (self-esteem).
That is why development of the province is way back.
Roads, banking systems, communications, electricity, education, and health are essential services that needs to be provided, upgraded, maintained and innovated.
There is a need to develop or put in place mechanisms such as a student scholarship by the Sandaun provincial government.
I lived and work in a developed province.
Politicians of this province do not sit back and wait for services to come to them, they go out there and ask for the service, they act their talk, and walk the talk.
I travel annually to do my activities there at home (Lumi) and wonder why this is not being done there. Regular breakdown of vehicles from Lumi to Wewak, Maprik or Aitape is a headache.
This is due to bad road conditions, and fast-flowing rivers that need proper bridges (Yolpu and Keifanke rivers). It is dreadful.
The head rolls first and the tail will follow. This is how the system works.
Sandaun leaders, you need to be awake at all times.
Please do the right thing for the Sanduan people.

Sipu Ninke