Workers, dentist thankful for training

National, Normal

The National, Friday 19th April 2013


COMMUNITY health worker Ivan Vaii says the training on HIV counseling has broadened his knowledge on how to handle couples. 

Vaii works with the Kilakila Living Light Health Service. 

He conducts one-on-one counseling before HIV testing in the Moresby South area.   

“To interact with couples who find that the other is HIV positive is not an easy task,” he said. 

“I have been doing one-on-one testing and I don’t know how to handle a couple situation. But now that I have learnt the skills and I think I can handle the situation.”

Dental therapist Susan Kalo said she found the training very important because in her work she had to ask questions about a patient’s HIV status. 

Kalo works in the Kaugere Light Health Service and she has treated patients with oral thrush. 

“If the examination results show that the oral thrush is not caused by betel nut chewing, then I will question my patient. 

“It is evident that HIV can be transmitted through oral sex thus I see this training as vital aspect of my job. 

“If I am not well equipped with the skills on how to get the patient to speak to me openly, I don’t fulfill my role at the end of the day.”