Workers learn more about management


ONE of the most challenging and exciting roles you can take in an organisation is that of manager at any level, a recent graduate says.
Ernest Tangia, who was one of 26 graduates of the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance (Pilag) middle management course graduation at the
Vunadidir campus in East New Britain on Thursday, said the course had equipped them with valuable knowledge of the different leadership and management styles.
Pilag, at Vunadidir campus, is a New Guinea Islands training centre that caters for the professionals from the public service and private sector from the region.
Pilag chief executive Michael Barobe and East New Britain acting administrator Nicholas Larme officiated at the ceremony.
Tangia said he had learned important leadership and management skills and processes.
“The benefits of coaching and mentoring is to build a dynamic team from a diverse workforce, at the same time manage changes that take place in our organisations,” he said.
Tangia said the participants appreciated the knowledge of planning, monitoring and reviewing of all government channels of communications within and between organisations.
He said the training had made them realise how important it was for government service delivery to the people, 80 per cent of whom were rural based.
Meanwhile, Larme, on behalf of the East New Britain government, thanked Barobe for bringing the institution to the province.
Larme told the more than 200 people who were there to witness the graduation that they needed to make use of the training facility by sending more public servants to this institution.
“NGI provinces still have to improve in many areas but we must start to trust our people and our leaders,” he said.
Larme congratulated the students and urged them to put into practise what they learned during their six months training in the middle management course.

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