Workshop teaches sewing, flower arranging


A WEEK-long workshop on sewing and flower arrangement ended last Friday at Cassowary Road United church (CRUC) facilitated by the church for mothers and young girls.
According to Marama Lucy Boanere the one week workshop had 25 participants from CRUC, Emmanuel United church (Talair Compound) and Poakab United church (Busu Road).
Boanere said the workshop theme was based on the United church urban regions women’s fellowship theme “Prepare to win a lost soul” with scriptures Acts 9:36-40 and Proverbs 31:10-31 to guide the participants”.
“The aim was to bring someone to Christ in our teaching skills like sewing, cooking and flower arrangements,” she said.
“Today, many young girls dress any way they want to attend church activities.
“As mothers, we decided to run this workshop to help them the way the church expects them to dress and how to be future mothers-to-be.”
Boanere said the workshop was an avenue to help them in their skills give back to God.
“United church was a self-reliance church where church members, out of their sweats give to God.” Boanere said the one week workshop was a blessed one as many young girls who attended learnt how to sew a shirt, a blouse and a top to wear during service.
She said they were looking forward to running similar trainings in the future because of the interest shown by many young girls.

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