Xmas comes early for poor children


Albert Tisone, from Chimbu, was among 3000 children who gathered with their families and relatives at a children’s Christmas feast in Port Moresby on Saturday.
Tisone’s story is similar to his friends’ who gathered at at Konedobu Oval on Saturday.
He said he heard that Santa Claus would be giving out gifts to children his age and decided to be at the feast.
Tisone lives with his parents at 6-Mile and said that it is not often that children his age receive gifts.
The event’s chairperson, Leane Burrows, said the event was about feeding the under-privileged children around Port Moresby.
She said they were expecting to feed about 3000 this year, compared to 2000 children last year.
“A number of women got together and we just thought about feeding the under-privileged children just to give something back to the community,” she said.
The children’s feast has become an annual charity event.
Each year the feast committee fundraises to be able to host the event.
The committee is made up of five women – Lady Ni Cragnolini, Elisa Cragnolini, Leanne Burrows, Sue Exton and Ella Kasu.
Elisa Cragnolini is also one of the CCF committee members and said: “The aim of this
event is to bring joy to underprivileged children living in Port Moresby by providing them with food, drinks, games, and entertainment.