Yakasa slams Highlanders over weekend clash in POM

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NATIONAL Capital District police commander Chief Supt Fred Yakasa has expressed frustration over the weekend clash between five ethnic groups of Highlanders that claimed one life and caused damage to properties in Port Moresby.
“If we are not careful, this nation’s capital will become a city within a traditional setting,” Chief Supt Yakasa said last Tuesday afternoon.
He said while the city was experiencing growth with an uncontrolled growing population, certain groups of people still practised their deeply-rooted cultures.
He described the city’s situation as “frightening”, adding that “in cities, rules and regulations are in place, but if people are not careful, there would be a lot of problems”.
“With due respect to some of the decent Highlanders in the city, many others are becoming  nuisance by being disrespectful of city authorities, traffic rules, and with some bad habits like selling betelnuts in front of shops,” Chief Supt Yakasa said.
He called on respective governors and MPs to talk to their local people not only about controversial issues but also about positive developments taking place in their provinces, which he said could lure them back to their respective villages.
He added that everything boiled down “to attitude problems”.
As this developed, he also condemned a group of Engans for their involvement in a number of deaths that took place this year.
Chief Supt Yakasa said out of 10 murders that had taken place this year, seven were committed by suspects from Enga. 
He stressed that this kind of behaviour had contributed to statistics that made Port Moresby the “fifth murder city” of the world.
He made calls for alcohol to be restricted to hotels, adding that tougher penalties on violators should also be in placed.
He said the ban on alcohol would “add more good than bad to the people’s lives”.