Yapu: Police ties with stakeholders good


Manus police have built up a good relationship with stakeholders over the years, says police commander David Yapu.
He said police had good working relationships with provincial government, administration, district and local-level governments.
“These development partners have assisted us from time to time in terms of logistics support to enable us to provide police services in the province,” Yapu said.
Yapu said there were 55 police men and women in Manus with 20 new cadets to join them soon.
“The current situation in Manus is that we do not have accommodation for police,” he said.
“Because of our working relationship with our development partners, we have sourced funding from them to build the houses.”
Yapu said the provincial government had allocated K1 million to start the new police housing project.
“We are looking at building two single barracks for police men and women and houses for those police with families.” Yapu said building designs had already been given to the monitoring and planning division of the Manus administration.
Work on the project has already started.
“In terms of logistics to enable us to deliver the service, we also need resources such as vehicles, fuel and boats for our operations,” Yapu said.
“We need boats to conduct patrols at sea because Manus is a maritime province.”