Youths, leaders to be trained as volunteer police officers

Youth & Careers

YOUTHS and leaders in a settlement in the Moresby North-East electorate will be trained as volunteer police officers, according to Gordon police station commander Mark Mosinakave.
He said Bus Wara settlement outside Port Moresby banned sale and consumption of alcohol and marijuana. The ban would be supported by the volunteer police officers.
“This group will keep an eye on illegal activities like sale and consumption of alcohol and report those responsible for charges and arrest,” he told The National.
Mosinakave said ethnic clashes were because of illegal sale of alcohol and marijuana.
He said this in response to a recent ethnic clash at the settlement between Eastern Highlands and Hela people.
Mosinakave said similar groups would be set up in other settlements in the electorate.
These include 8-Mile, 9-Mile, Morobe Block and Turn-Off.
“We will also check those stores which are selling alcohol,” Mosinakave said.
“If they are licensed, we will make sure they operate on permitted time.
“If they are illegal sellers, we will stop them.”
Mosinakave urged settlers to take ownship of themselves to address some of these issues.
He commended Bus Wara settlers for taking the initiative to ban alcohol sale and consumption there.
Mosinakave also urged to people to embrace peace and let laws deal with their differences.