Youths surrender guns for a better life

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SEVEN youths from the Dake tribe in Simbu’s Kerowagi district surrendered their firearms, illegal drugs and homebrew cylinders to the police.
The youths surrendered four home-made guns, more than K5,000 worth of  dried cannabis and a homebrew-making cylinder to provincial police commander Supt Joseph Tondop in Ganigle last Thursday.
The youths from Ganigle, along the Highlands Highway, who used to be involved in criminal activities, told police they wanted to start a new life by going into commercial farming.
The youths, with the support of their community, launched Sky Pacific Farming which they registered with the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA).
They will be cultivating vegetables for sale to Sigma Holding, a major vegetable buyer based in Kundiawa town.
Mr Tondop, who was present at the ceremony, said: “The youths have made the right decision to give up their unhealthy activities for farming. I commend facilitator Joseph Gull, who was instrumental in the surrender and setting up of Sky Pacific Farming.”
He urged MPs from the province to help find markets for the people to sell their vegetables and other cash crops.
“There must be some incentives for people to give up unhealthy activities to earn a living,” he said.