Youths urged to be proactive


STUDENTS from Limana Vocational Training Centre in Port Moresby say young people should use their initiative to sustain themselves rather than wait for those in authority.
Five students – Rose Kome, John Fagu, Tasion Antonio, Nicklyde Soilo and Davina Ilumpui – made this collective call when they appeared on the chat room show in Port Moresby last Wednesday.
Beginning with an explanation on what taking the initiative meant, Kome, a grade nine student, said it was the ability one possessed to be proactive in life; doing things without being told to and to act rather than to react.
This meant being resourceful towards situations around you and contributing positively to them.
Fagu, also grade nine, stressed on the values and benefits of taking the initiative.
He said it started at home on an individual level and parents were the first teachers to teach and instill this life skill in their children as they grew up.
“Initiative starts at home with the smaller things, only then are you able to handle bigger things outside your home,” he said.
“It also affects you psychologically as when you do things without being told, people praise you and that gives you joy and satisfaction raising your self-esteem to continue to do what you do.”
Antonio gave examples of what youth initiatives were and highlighted the stand against petty crimes and uncleanliness in the markets and bus stops by the young people of Gordon, stating that this was what they, as young people, needed to do.
“There are a lot of things happening in our communities and as young people, we shouldn’t wait for those in authority to address these issues,” he said.