Youths urged to give blood

The National,Wednesday June 15th, 2016

Health Minister Michael Malabag says the majority of blood donors in Papua New Guinea are over 45 years old and he wants more youths in the mix.
Malabag said at the launching of Brian Bell Foundation and youth blood drive programme yesterday at the Port Moresby National High School that safe blood supply was a scarce commodity in developing countries and so regular blood donations were needed every day.
“The health message is giving blood saves life, the blood you give is a lifeline in an emergency and in long-term treatments. We all do need blood, in Papua New Guinea, one in 30 people gives blood but one in three needs blood and so regular blood donations are needed,” Malabag said.
He encouraged the students of Port Moresby National High School to be part of the blood drive to support their communities and enjoy health benefits and free health screening.
A grand-daughter of the late Sir Brian Bell and the chief executive of Sir Brian Bell Foundation, Bronwyn Wright, said blood supply was critically low and most active people did not donate simply because they were not aware of the benefits to others.
“With every blood donation, you can potentially save three lives so 15 minutes of your time saves someone’s life,” she said.
“On June 14 every year, countries around the blood celebrate world blood day to thank those who donate blood and encourage new donors.”
Wright said it was a proud moment for her to launch the foundation and the blood drive as a gift to her late grandfather who had the heart to serve the people of PNG.