Zucci Mode steps up a notch


Imagine what it would be like if most of the tailoring products we require are made in Papua New Guinea?
Customers would have the upper hand, to buy quality products from a variety of locally owned tailoring service providers, at an affordable rate.
Not only will this benefit the customers but it will also generate local employment and ensure that money is not spent on importing products from overseas.
This factor has to be kept in mind when there’s a procurement going. If there is any big tender that the Government is looking at, for their procurement, these local companies should be approached first, before going to foreign suppliers.
Local entrepreneurs are venturing into tailoring business mainly in the SME sector; and a few local tailoring companies have taken a step further by operating inprofessional factories.
One such tailoring company is Zucci Mode Limited.
Zucci Mode is a pioneer of the tailoring business in Papua New Guinea. It is one of the oldest tailoring compaies operating in Port Moresby. Zucci Mode, located in Cameron Road, Gordons, has been a trusted name in the business since 1987,.
The company started with a workforce of 12 people, it has now grown close to a total of 50 staff, comprising of 40 women, who manage all operations in sewing, embroidery, ironing, packaging and dispatch.
Most of their old employees are still a part of the Zucci family and continue to work in their facility’s safe, hygienic and comfortable environment.
The company is continually investing in getting the latest machinery possible, to the country, from all around the world, to ensure that whatever is in demand within the country can be produced locally.
With top quality products and excellent customer service, Zucci Mode is establishing itself in diverse industries, as one of the most preferred suppliers.
Zucci Mode today supplies to varied sectors like aviation, hospitality, healthcare, food and beverages, manufacturing, construction and engineering, charitable institutions, education institutions, security companies, and various private and government organisations.
From what was once only a tailoring company, Zucci Mode has graduated to becoming a one-stop shop for many products like PPEs (personal protective equipment), safety consumables, footwear and now, has also started its furniture wholesale division.
It is their motto to provide complete satisfaction to their clients, be it for the quality of their products or services rendered.
Its team comprises of experienced seamstresses, machine operators and specialised technicians as well as technically sound supervisors and managers who ensure that every customer is catered to and treated like a monarch!
In their endeavour to regularly improve quality and service, they have recently invested in the renovation of the entire factory premises and also equipped it with the latest in machinery for sewing, ironing and embroidery.
During this process of improvement, they also got the entire factory premises completely air conditioned, so as to be able to provide the best working environment for their staff.
The upgraded facility clearly shows that the company is concerned with its employees’ health and safety and the conditions in which they work. Health insurance is provided for each staff and to add onto the beneficiary list; lunch is made available every working day.
“Everybody is happy where they are right now because if you visit upstairs, we have in-house toiletries, air conditioning, and better water; everything is provided for them upstairs,” says Edith Oroki, Zucci Mode’s business development executive.
“We can now proudly say that we are the best factory set up in Papua New Guinea at this point of time.”
Oroki who has worked with the company for more than 20 years told The National that they’ve come a long way to where they were now.
“We’ve upgraded to a different level, from where we were.
“We are growing. We’re trying to put more emphasis on building the industry here and create more employment opportunities.
“Most of the major industries have confidence in us and have given us the revenue.
“All our customers are confident that we can provide them the service,” Oroki said.
Additionally, Zucci Mode makes it its responsibility to train its employees.
This gives the employees an opportunity to make a dignified living for themselves and helps them to take care of their families.
She further added, “Training is more important; education, if provided in a right manner will get them skilled for employment. As the popular saying goes, you give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; you teach him how to fish and you feed him for his lifetime.
“I hope that the Government looks into vocational training to develop those skills people need.”
Zucci Mode assists organisations like the SME Corporation and other similar organisations to train people.
“We train people from outside as well as in on-job training here. And whoever we find is good enough is absorbed in the production process.”
With eyes firmly set on their goals and ambitious plans of expansion, Zucci Mode is set to become every company’s first choice for uniforms and safety products.
“What we plan to do in the future is to start new locations across the country, which will increase the inflow of work in the factory and to support that, we are looking at expanding the current capacity which in turn will generate more revenue and employment,” Oroki says.

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