Zurenuoc: No data, no money

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The National, Monday July 15th, 2013


Parliament Speaker and Finschhafen MP Theodore Zurenuoc is holding back funding for projects in his electorate until a data bank is made available to his office.

“Politically, this is not good for me but I’m taking the risk. I want to be wise and it (funding) must bring maximum returns … it is the people’s money,” Zurenuoc said. 

He said while he appreciated that holding back funding would be criticised, he wanted to be sure that the K10 million allocated for the next five years would be well spent.

He was speaking in Lae on Saturday during the launch of a data collection project by a local team. 

He said data on the number of people and other essential information were lacking in the past and trying to bring development and services was hindered by the lack of a clear picture.  

He said he had inherited a plan that he could not do much with and the data collection exercise would be a firm foundation on which to build and develop.

“I have two years to spend funds and I’m expecting this project to be completed by then so I can start,” he said.

While Zurenuoc is focusing on roads and infrastructure as a priority, he wants to see more people move towards cash crops and businesses that bring about development.

“I am not happy at the people’s lack of interest in development but I want to see more people do well,” he said.

He is urging his people to get together in groups such as clans so that more people benefit and no-one felt left out.