Somare will go in his own time

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The National,Thursday 22nd December 2011

ON the night of Sept 15, 1975, the then Michael T. Somare was at the old Davara Hotel (now re­named as Ela Beach Hotel) waiting for the dawn of a new nation.
Fast forward 36 years after independence, three heart surgeries and four terms as prime minister, he is still camping at Ela Beach Hotel with his ge­nerals.
Yes, he has some unfi­nished business and bad decisions to attend to.
He may be old and tired but his time is not yet up.
Some of his children deserted him and plotted to overthrow him while he was down but Sir Michael hung on.
He is not history yet.
He will go but in his own time.
But he is still, at his old camping ground, waiting for morning to take over the reins for the last time.
No words can truly express our gratitude and thanks for all you have done for PNG.

Momase Originale
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