37 get teaching certificates

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The National, Monday October 21st, 2013

 A GROUP of 37 elementary school teachers have been given teaching certificates after completing a six-month course in Mt Giluwe local level government, Western Highlands.

It was the 12th graduation ceremony in Tambul-Neblyier district after the outcomes-based curriculum system was introduced in 1997. The graduation was held at Tambul Station.

Western Highlands provincial education officer Michael Mai said teachers were key people who contributed to the development of the country but were overlooked by the government.

Mai, a former teacher, said he understood the situation faced by teachers and assured them that he would support them.

Mai said people must help themselves before the government stepped in.

“We are willing to help but people have to get the groundwork done before knocking on our doors.’’

Tambul Nebilyer elementry trainer Stanley Karu said the Government was boasting about its reform and outcome based education policy without considering the hardships officers on the ground faced.

“It would be better if the government provide necessary logistics for officers on the ground to implement the policy,’’ he said.

Provincial education adviser Stanley Maip said teachers needed more training to improve their qualification to lift the academic level of students in passing out.