38 maseratis on tender for second time


THE 38 maseratis that were said to sell like ‘hot cakes’ pre-Apec have been put on public tender again by the National Procurement Commission (NPC).
According to a paid advertisement on Friday, NPC on behalf of the Department of Finance invited the public both local and international to bid for the Maserati vehicles located at the T-Wharf in Port Moresby.
Bidders were required to pay a non-refundable fee of K1,000
Inspection dates are from Nov 12-13 at the T-Wharf.
Bids close on Nov 26.
Forty Italian luxury vehicles were brought in by the Government for the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders’ summit in November 2018 and were scheduled for sale by tender afterwards.
In the earlier tender only two were sold.
Finance Department first assistant secretary financial reporting and compliance division Samson Metofa told The National in May that two were sold at about K400,000 each.
Metofa said they had put the vehicles on tender twice, including overseas, but the response was poor.
“We have really struggled with selling the Maserati vehicles,” he said.
“We’ve done two separate tenders that these vehicles are on sale.
“We also made an attempt to sell it in overseas newspapers but the turnout was not good.
“We are trying to reduce the price.”


  • Native people of PNG are not stupid and will not bother to buy an expensive maserati’s worth K400,000????how much is the minimum tender price is offered and should reveal it to the general public,????Please let then apec minister Mr.Justin Tkatchenko to come out and be in charge of selling it all rather than hiding in the wings of this current government and pretending that he doesn’t know anything about it all..very interesting so lets see how we can sell the remainning 38 maseratis like “hot cakes”….

  • Was the procurement process followed in purchasing this expensive maseratis? After NEC approval, did the government source from different suppliers before purchasing them? If this has not taken place then we obviously have breached respective laws – this should land someone in court to answer for it (Its the same process that was breached in the generators purchased from Israel).

  • Let O’Neill and Thachenko sell them like “hot cakes” and see how fast they can sell the remaining 38.

  • PM JM start arresting both of them for not following the government procumbent process to purchase the very expensive vehicles that are not suitable in Port Moresby the city of roundabout. These vehicle are meant to be driven in straight roads and not the corners and runabouts of NCD.

  • Mismanagement is all we can describe it. As a tax payer, I feel broken hearted on what was spent into thin air and can’t recoup it.
    Please, can we refund those sports vehicles at half the price that we bought for at least we get some money back.
    Those vehicles will rust away at the T-wharf otherwise give it to ministers and department heads as X Mas presents.

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