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AUSTRALIAN pilot David John Cutmore and three locals have been charged with drug smuggling in relation to the K160 million drug bust near Port Moresby last month.
Police Commissioner David Manning confirmed yesterday that Cutmore, who flew a small aircraft into the country without clearance on July 26 to pick up more than 600 kg of cocaine, had been charged with drug smuggling.
He said Cutmore could face other charges under the Pandemic Act.
Prime Minister James Marape said three locals had also been charged with drug smuggling.
“Three nationals were charged with drug smuggling and complementing the arrest of the pilot. An item linked to the Melbourne-based syndicate (in the aircraft) was also confiscated,” he said.
Marape said Cutmore would not be leaving PNG just yet.
“He is a key witness and he needs to tell us who he met, what he brought, who cleared the airstrip he landed on (in Papa-Lealea) and other pertinent questions he needs to answer,” Marape said.
“I intend to stop our country becoming a transit point for drugs being moved to Australia. We don’t need drugs as a business in the country.”
Marape has also instructed the National Intelligence Organisation to conduct a second investigation into the drug bust.
“It has been going on for some time,” he said.
“The police and AFP have been aware of what has been going on. This aircraft crash is part of the evidence. We are working with AFP to establish the link between PNG and Australia and the international syndicate operating behind this.
“We will leave no stone unturned and any involvement by locals will be dealt with.”


  • Cutmore and his four accomplices arrested is just the tip of the iceberg. They are key witnesses who will identify others in this syndicate. Let it unfold as investigations continue.. Case like in a movie scene.

  • We thank God for revealing to this nation the drug syndicate that has been operating in PNG while PNG’s law enforcing agencies and board control organizations have been sleeping or may have been part of this. The plane with the drug may have already reached Aussie shore had the plane had not crashed. We are not convinced what the government, the Police Minister, the Police Commissioner and the Police department is claiming that they have been monitoring this drug syndicate for almost 2 years. The other question is how did the plane flew into PNG without being detected by the PNG Airspace controller,because we have so many mountains? Should check who was the controller during that time.

  • Why not the investigation team go and interview the Papa Lealea villagers and find out which company build that Airstrip and who paid that particular Company for that job and they can easily make arrest.

  • This govt and their PM are some of the weakest we have ever had. They need to leave and allow genuine leaders to lead this country out of corruption, crime, and covid-19.

  • Just produce the names of the three being arrested with the pilot. KAIN BLO PNG YA BAI YUMI PAIRAP PAIRAP IGO NA ISI ISI BAI PAIA DAI NA DAI OLGETA. I wish it won’t happen this time. If the plane hadn’t crashed, the silent investigation will still continue without any arrest…Nature helpim wok painimaut ya just take it on from there and expose the people behind this drug smuggling business.

  • SPK, No one is going to do a miracle, if even if they step down now, lets wait patiently, the best is coming in 2022,
    this government is just a stepping stone for best that is coming up to MODEL this nation….what we see is not by mistake, they are programmed, 2022 the next level, God fearing men/women will run this Nation….

    • Thanks Joe Ima. Let us maintain a positive outlook be hopeful. God is in control. All things happen for a reason. Best is yet to come for this country. SPK, change your perceptions, way you assess things, and your way of thinking. We have not come to the end of the world yet.

  • Our life is shaped by our thoughts, likewise PNG is shaped by the so called leaders in Waigani.
    Only those who understand the will of God will redirect this beautiful nation to the right track.
    Everyone around the world is speaking about PNG a christian model country but yet our political leaders are growing spiritually blind defacing our beautiful nation.

  • It is a pity that the mystery chinesse Balus that came from several countries before it touches down to port Moresby Airfield got out FREELY without any real controversies or penalties . PNG government can do well by CHARGING those three Chinese nationals for breaking the national pandemic laws. Good money for the government of the day.
    To add onto the cocaine charges, you’re certainly well off by charging the Aussie pilot and his grass roots wokman more money. Png laws are too slack and the government is corrupt. Png government you need to be a true servant to PNG people. People voted you into parliament to serve not to be served .

  • Em wok plo pipla pipla poi stret…eno nau nau pipo pipo stret…sekim kut planti pai ol parliamentrian na ol pisnisman yaaa….

  • Yea the Ministers are part and partial of this drug deal including the police, if I am right why are the names of the Nationals been with held, You can tell PNG stories but our Heavenly Father in heaven will reveal the truth .

  • A good call by the PM. I don’t see any weakness in Marape. He is a true PNG son. Lets not forget..no one is perfect and will do miracles. we all have a part to play all we do.

  • The arrest of Pilot Cutmore and the 3 other national is JUST a tip of a iceberg…

    There are other self-vested giants who are behind… Foreign business entrepreneurs as well as local entrepreneurs including the aid of politicians… Manining and the team it is of view that such matter should be handled purely without fear or favour if only wanted it to stop & eradicate such monster syndicate for once & all in the best interest to reckon PNG as drug free zone in trafficking and smuggling of illicit drug.

  • Can the names of those PNG Nationals involve Published,why hiding the names of the people involve,When dealing with evidence we have but now why keep hide those involve.It an issues of Australia and PNG,,OUR laws a slack,let them face the International law to justify themselves cannot cope with the way this issues have been brought forwards money will flow and people who may or have knowledge about this would want some kickbacks…PNG WAY EM STAP….

  • Step up surveillance over our land & sea boarders with use of hi-tech equipment such as drones, high-powered speed boats and honest/faithful, highly trained/skilled ‘professionals’ to monitor 24-hour basis (3 X 8 hourly shifts) similar operations as the air traffic controllers. PNG lacks the surveillance & response capacity that’s why illegal drugs & firearms can easily pass thru the country without being detected.

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