Vehicle crashes into family home

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A FAMILY of seven preparing for bed on Saturday night were shocked when a vehicle crashed into the sitting room of their home in Lae, just missing the bedroom.
Elvis Bone, a Telikom PNG employee who lives with his family in Chinatown, said the incident happened around 9.30pm.
Bone told The National that neighbours shouted when the vehicle travelling at high speed hit the road curb and crashed into the home.
“I was asleep with two of my kids. My two sons were in the bathroom trimming their hair,” he said.
“I woke up when they and their mother were calling for help.”
Bone said the fortunate thing was that his family was safe.
The home which belongs to his employer was damaged.
“It’s my first experience of such an incident happening,” he said.
“Miraculously, my five children and wife are safe. I’ve heard such incidents happening but cannot believe that it also happened to me.”
No one was in a sitting room when the vehicle crashed into it.
“It hit the caucus cage and straight into the living room, missing the bedroom,” he said.
Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Chris Kunyanban said he was waiting for a report from officers investigating the incident.


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