40,000 affected by landslides in Jimi

National, Normal

THREE landslides along the Jimi-Banz road have cut off services to more than 40,000 in the Jimi district of Western Highlands province.
The first landslide struck at Pariap village early this month, followed by another on the Jimi-Waghi border.
The third strike washed away the Molu Bridge at Kaugl village just before Christmas.
Community leader Thomas Gayle told The National that the district had no transport for people and goods.
“The villagers living near the landslides do not want to clear the road until MP Wake Goi pays them or a by-pass is built.
“It was also reported in a newspaper recently that Mr Goi has allocated some funds for the construction of a new bridge for Molu,” he said.
Mr Gayle said the problems must be resolved quickly because the road was the only link from outside to Jimi.
“Poor parents wanting to sell their cash crops for school fees are faced with difficulties, walking long distances,” he said, adding that the problem would likely affect the movement of teachers when classes resume on Feb 1.
“These are additional problems to the deteriorating infrastructure and government services in the area,” Mr Gayle said.