Baki back as police chief

National, Normal

POLICE Commissioner Gari Baki is back in command as top cop in the wake of the Bomana prison breakout.
He has ordered his senior officers to set up a National Crime Coordination Centre (NCCC) at the police headquarters in Konedobu.
Mr Baki said the NCCC would oversee the ongoing operations aimed at recapturing fugitive bank robber William Kapris and several of the country’s most dangerous criminals who escaped from the Bomana maximum security unit on Jan 12.
The NCCC would be responsible for all intelligence-driven operations targeting fugitives nationwide, Mr Baki said.
He said assistant commissioner of crimes Raphael Huafolo would take charge of the NCCC to process all intelligence reports as well as plan and execute police operations targeting the fugitives.
Mr Baki thanked the Government for allocating K1.5 million towards the operations and said provincial police commanders participating in the manhunt operations would have to liaise with division commanders and his office to access operational funds.
“We will use all available resources in our effort to track down and arrest Kapris and the 11 prisoners who escaped from Bomana, as well as all the other escapees in the country,” Mr Baki said.
“These escapees have committed crimes against society and they should serve their time in jail,” Mr Baki said.
He urged the public to reject the escapees and report their sightings to the nearest police station.